Exotic Cancer is a digital artist with worldwide reach. Her illustrations focus on the dark realities of humanity and lust through a dystopian lens.

"Illustrator, artist, entrepreneur, stripper and powerhouse, Exotic Cancer presents a conversation around beauty, gender, sex work and the zeitgeist it grows in contemporary society."

In 2020, Exotic Cancer released her first book titled "Shit men say in strip clubs" which featured a collection of comics that served as a hilarious and insightful memoir from her experience as a stripper, proving to be an instant success.

"This book is truly a blessing, it is one of the greatest gifts to have been bestowed upon humankind. As the centrepiece of my coffee table, it has transformed my house into a home"

Below is a selection of Exotic Cancers' favourite artworks

After Hours (2021)
Unphased (2021)
Dopamine (2021)